I learned how to make a html file that translates to a website when opened with an internet browser.

Paper Mock Up-


Illustrator Mock Up-


Illustrator mock up of the web page

Splash Page-


Sample HTML And CSS code-

HTML & CSS code

What I learned-

I learned how to work my way around in Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS. I learned about basic templates and web designs and how to communicate ideas without stating the obvious and having paragraphs of text. In my web design I have a somewhat blurring picture representing what field I work in and noticeable text stating who I am. One of the first problems I had was positioning the icon links on the page correctly, I knew that margin, position, float, and padding all had to do with where the icons would end up but didn’t know which would do what the location of the bar. I figured this out simply by jotting down on paper one or two things about each of the code bits. For a tutorial that I followed, you can click on any of these words.




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